Ekah Yoga's

Yoga Learning Initiative

Yoga Learning Initiative is built on foundations of giving back and continuing growth to continue life. It aims to bring teachers and students together to share yoga (physically, mentally, spiritually, philosophically) in a fair and loving way. The initiative is intended for teachers and students alike to feel respected, be encouraged to grow, be encouraged to learn,  and provide Seva (selfless service).   We strive lift each other up, so we can reach higher plains of consciousness together as one.

Through YLI we hope to provide yoga teachers with free or low cost continuing education opportunities, host yoga learning opportunities to those in need related to lack of financial stability or in providing outreach opportunities to disparate communities, or to those with illness.

What's happening now

Formation of a Non-profit

At this time, we are working on the formation of a non-profit status 501C3, to provide more grant opportunities to support our mission.


Through donation based classes for Continuing Education Fund, we have done some in house fundraising to begin building a financial platform, yet much more work needs to be done.

Wish List

  • Mentorship in non-profit formation
  • Funds
  • Grant opportunies
  • Teachers to donate time to provide contining education opportunities

Upcoming Events

What is Yoga Anyways?

A brown bag, lunch and learn opportunity, providing gentle yoga, panel discussion, and Q and A section. 

More details to come!