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615 N. Fairview

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Ekah Yoga

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga StudioBloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

a free live stream class for you!

PATIO or ZOOM Classes!

We're still here! Open for business, but in a new and different way!


NEW CLIENTS: Feel free to start your mindbody account, entering your e-mail and phone. See above, where a button says, "Join a Class", that's how you get started.  Press that to start your account. 

Now that your account has been set up, text or call Crystal.  Let me know that your account is all set, and you want to try out a live stream class.  (812-320-4525)

I will then add a free class to your account, and confirm with you that it has been added.

Now,  you are all set to schedule your class.  Use your Mindbody account to schedule your  class.

After you are on the class roster, your teacher will be able to send you an invite to join the class via your listed e-mail. 


Continue to use Mindbody to schedule your classes as normal, BUT try to schedule in advance as much as possible, so you can be sure to get the link to the class. 

Please sign up early so you are sure to get an invite to attend the ZOOM session.   We are trying to use the rescheduling option on Zoom, so you can use the same link each week for the same class.  So, just keep this in mind, in case you decide to sign up last minute and miss the opportunity to get a link sent to you, you may be able to use the one from the week  before. 


No.  You don't have to have a zoom account.  You can simply press on the link from your e-mail or call in to join from your phone.  

If you find yourself using Zoom regularly, you may wish to create an account, so you can get to know the functions better. 


For the time being we will not host classes inside the studio, BUT some classes will still be available OUTSIDE on the PATIO and through ZOOM.

We may add the option for a patio class even an hour before the class begins, teacher and weather permitting.   So, if you see the WORD PATIO on the Mindbody Schedule, you will know you can join in person. 

We expect everyone to practice social distancing and to bring your own mat or equipment.  And if you forget, no problem.  Yoga mats were only invented over the past 50 years, but yoga has been around for centuries.  The ground is always there for you!


We are also considering allowing our unlimited monthly members access to the studio for their own private practice in scheduled time  blocks. More to come. And if you have interest in this, please e-mail Crystal.


lets connect virtually

How to ZOOM

50% off Virtual Private Yoga Experience

50% off Virtual Private Yoga Experience


1. Log on to zoom and create an account. You can also download the app and have it available on your phone. ZOOM Website ZOOM Download

2. Sign into the class on MindBody at least 1 hour ahead of time before the scheduled class. Teacher will email you the link invitation.

3. Set up your space, grab some water, wear clothes you can move in.

4. Check you email for a ZOOM invitation to log into the video.5.Join the practice and breathe easy!

50% off Virtual Private Yoga Experience

50% off Virtual Private Yoga Experience

50% off Virtual Private Yoga Experience


Are you interested in refining your yogic pathway or maybe just getting started?

We are offering a virtual Private Yoga session at 1/2 off! Our instructors are here for you!

After you have filled out the intake form and purchased your session, please send Crystal Olry an e-mail or call, so she can help you set up your session.


Make a Peaceful Space at Home

purchase props for your home practice

What can we get for you?

In efforts to help you develop a Zen Den in your home, Crystal is trying to build an on-line store.

Is there anything you are interested in purchasing, bolsters, blocks, yoga mat.

Please e-mail or text if you are interested in purchasing some base equipment for your home space.


Mindfulness Meditation

This Mindful Meditation comes from MB-Eat program.  It is intended to help bring peace to you during times of stress and as a way to aid in development of a meditation practices.  We encourage you to take just 10 minutes for this Mindful Meditation to help decrease your anxiety and boost your immune system.  

General Mindful Mediation 2 (m4a)


dear friends and beloved ekah community


In Light of the Times

We know that coronavirus is hitting everyone hard! In efforts to keep our doors open and spirit alive, we encourage you to help in anyway you can.

If your life has been positively impacted by Ekah Yoga, then please help us keep the heartbeat of Ekah going strong so that as we weather this storm, so we can return to the studio. Your financial support will help us cover our baseline costs to keep the studio space and to support our teachers and staff.

If you are at a place where you are not financially stable, we are looking at ways to offer you some free resources and keep you connected! We are here to support you as much as we can. Be on the lookout for free classes via FaceBook in addition to the ones we have already.


A Message from Yoga Alliance

"We are strongly recommending for communities where social distancing has become required, recommended, or the community norm, that all in-person yoga instruction be canceled until the need for social distancing has passed, at which time we can evaluate our recommendation, including the safety of resuming regular or modified practice schedules."


Gardening Prep Day: March 25 Approx. 5-6pm

YES! This is still on!

We ask that all participants exercise social distancing as we continue to come together as a community.

Unfortunately we will not have a potluck at this event, but we are happy to provide this opportunity to get our hands dirty while catching some rays.

We are looking to create a butterfly garden to attract the pollinators. Do you have anything that would help us develop this space?

It might also be a lot of fun to bring seeds to the studio for a seed swap to encourage everyone to ground down at home and grow!

Gardening Prep Day - The light from the sun into the leaves of a plant, into the cells of our bodies, creates life. Our community at Ekah Yoga plans to bring plant life in the form of herbs and edible vegetables, to eat, to share, to spring forth educational opportunities. Please join us for a Gardening Prep day to help weed, and clean up the our mandala inspired herb garden in preparation for Earth Day.

Any and all contributions will be equivalent to 1 free yoga class to use or to share.


Strive For Five is Still On!

Keep track at home anytime you do a home practice or practice with us on ZOOM! Now more then ever is a great time to dive into your home practice and create healthy habits to manage stress and anxiety.

Email at the end of the month if you strived for five this month to redeem your prize of $15 workshop credit.

Schedule of Classes

No upcoming events.

Gift certificates available



Don't mess around with silly shopping this year!  

Give a gift that will make an impact!

Maybe you have a relative or friend that needs a helping hand in getting started with a practice.  Have you ever considered purchasing a private session for them with your favorite teacher.   We offer private sessions for $60 and three thirty minutes sessions for $99. 

Design your own gift card on-line by clicking the links below, or come into the studio to purchase your gift card.  

No commitment HUGE savings!

Looking to gift a loved one a cost effective gift that will make an impact!?  Just follow the link below. 

About Us


Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Regular practice will help you reach improve and perfect poses, correct posture and positioning, and improve your breathing and outlook on life. 


Our Studio

The Ekah Yoga community space is built on foundations  of clean, green, efficient and conscious design to create a calm and healthy environment for your practice.   Our clients have told us that our space has a feeling of intimacy, comfort, and cleanliness.  We strive to provide a space that is simple and inviting, in a non-intimidation kind of way.


Calm Your Mind

Yoga not only helps improve your body, but also helps with mindfulness and meditation. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. Focusing on your breath during practice is key to staying in tune with your mind and body.   


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you

Visit Our Location

Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. 

Ekah Yoga

615 N Fairview St, Bloomington, Indiana 47404, United States

(812) 320-4525 or


Schedule may vary slightly from week to week.  Please see live calendar for most up to date hours.

Monday: 12p-8:30p

Tuesday: 6a - 8:15p

Wednesday: 12p - 8:30p

Thursday: 6a–8:30p

Friday: 12p-6:30p
Saturday: 9a-3p

Sunday: 9a-8:30p 

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