Class Types



The word hatha (lit force, sun) symbolizes a system of physical techniques integrating body, mind, and spirit through physical practice of asana (physical posture, movement) with breath work (pranayama) guided by experienced yoga teacher. Our Hatha Yoga classes offer students (beginner to advanced) the chance to experience a blend of alignment-based asanas and breath work. Focus cultivation of deeper awareness of how rejuvenating and healing yoga can be!



This class is open to intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. Vinyasa means to place with purpose. This flowful yoga practice emphasizes breath-synchronized with movement. This yoga is intended to generate heat within enhancing a purification effect on the body and calming to the mind. Experience the your water like state in this fluidly tranquil practice.

Heated Yoga


We have varying degrees of heated classes. They range from 80-100 degrees Farenheit.  Some classes such as Vinyasa HEAT or Hot Hatha are between 90-100 F. Classes such as Ebb & Flow (Nov-Feb) and Yinyasa are approximately 80-85 F.  



Kundalini Yoga has been called the yoga of awareness. It is presented in the form of ‘kriyas’; a kriya is a sequence of postures (asanas), physical exercises, breath work (pranayamas), meditations and mantra that has a specialized effect on the mind, body and spirit. There are literally thousands of kriyas in Kundalini Yoga and each one is a whole unto itself, a perfect jewel that acts to create a particular flow. Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that represents the evolutionary power that resides in every human being, and its awakening releases the spiritual and creative potential that is our individual and collective birthright.

Kettle Bells


If your new to kettle bells join Jessica Mott for an Intro to Kettlebells Class. The goal of this class is learn how to use kettlebells to increase strength, endurance and flexibility to recover from chronic and acute overuse injuries, and learn a safe way to train yourself. Jessica will show you how to properly use the kettle bells safely and effectively. Then stick around for the full workout. Kettlebells will help you eliminate or minimize post-workout soreness and fatigue. This is a great class for anyone with a "bad" knee, shoulder, hip, back-- anything that keeps you from feeling your best. 

Just Core


These classes are designed to build strong core and postural muscles which will help stabilize the joints and create a strong posture. The class will move at a brisk pace and the exercises are challenging but fun and very rewarding!

Yin & Restorative


In Yin & Restorative classes we will hold fewer shapes (postures/asanas) for longer periods of time. This form of yoga allows us to let go of muscular engagement and open on the inner. This allows our body to dive into connective and facia tissue lengthening and strengthening. We will place our bones in a shape with support from props, find an appropriate edge of what intensity we can handle and simply observe what is here now. We will use our breath to go deeper into the sensations that we sense and keep ourselves rooted in presences and compassion.



Yoga Nidra is a very specific type of guided meditation. It’s often referred to as "yogic sleep," a state of being between sleep and consciousness that's conducive to deep emotional and physical healing.

Its regular practice has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. And the symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating, and abdominal pain, respond well.

Our Yoga Nidra class starts with a 30 minutes gentle stretch and warm up. The last 30 minutes of class I will guide your awareness to your body, breath, and a series of visualizations to help you transition into that ultra-relaxed state, while you lye flat on the floor in Savasana (corpus pose). The class ends with a Peaceful Tea Ceremony.



Our instructors offer workshops and special events to help deepen your practice. Workshops are typically over an hour and are a unique offering to the community. Some past event include Gong Bath, Sound Healing, Arm Balancing, Inversions Skills & Drills, and much more!