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Our Mission

All members are welcome to join us for bi-annual studio pot lucks.  Membership fees help us keep prices affordable, allow us to offer occasional free events & classes, provide educational resources for students and teachers, pay our instructors for their work, keep supplies stocked, provide props for classes, help with maintenance of space, provide marketing materials, and keep the studio operating with your help. Thank you for being a part of our yoga community! Namaste.


Our Members help shape our community

In the picture above, we are implementing a spiral herb garden for the community to share.  We strive to offer community interactive projects and events  for the good of the community at large, and fun for our members. 

OUR CO-OP Members

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor


Meet Lela, she is a licensed center director and a registered Music Together® teacher. In 2005, she decided to opened the Music Together center in Bloomington, IN. And since ever, she has been sharing her love and passion for music with many families in our community.  Lela hosts Music together classes for infants and small children at Ekah Yoga several times per week.  To learn more about the program and schedule a visit, follow the link to her website here...

Beth Underdahl-Peirce, Massage Therapist

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor


Beth graduated from Associates of Integrative Health (AIH) in 2006 which was located in Bloomington, IN. Going to AIH and learning massage therapy brought on more interest in holistic health for Beth. She went back to school and studied at IU, having massage as her main side job, which truly is her passion. She received her bachelors in science through the Individualized Major Program, with a focus on herbal medicine. After meeting her partner, Seth, and deciding to start a family she went back to school and studied to be a licensed psychical therapist assistant. Beth has found that her knowledge as a PTA and as a MT compliment one another greatly.
Beth has been expanding her knowledge of the human body and techniques to be able to offer her clients the best individualized bodywork session. Beth views the human body as beautiful and amazing for all that it can do. As a massage therapist, Beth believes she is assisting her client to heal themselves, for you are your own healer. Beth is only helping you get to the mental, emotional and physical state for you to do the healing. 
After working in a variety of settings and currently working for herself with Beth's Holistic Healing (, Beth is now looking forward to being able to offer group massage with the practice of YoMassage. It will make massage more affordable for many, yet still receiving the same wonderful health benefits of massage.

Book a massage with Beth here...

Blythe Angle, PostPartum Doula and Tummy Time Instructor

Valeria (Lela) DeCastro, Music Together Founder and Instructor

Blythe Angle, PostPartum Doula and Tummy Time Instructor


Bloomington-area native Blythe Angle has been dedicated to supporting babies and families since 2017. As a mother and postpartum doula, she understands the importance of offering babies support as they acclimate to life outside the womb, while helping parents feel more confident and comfortable as they traverse a new chapter. One way to offer this support to families in the community is through TummyTime!™ Method class.

Tummy time is recommended for all babies and is especially helpful for infants who have difficulty with breastfeeding, digestion, reflux, colic, plagiocephaly or torticollis. In tummy time, babies are guiding their own process of lengthening, strengthening and balancing their bodies. In addition to fostering physical development, tummy time is a source of play, connection and bonding for the whole family. 

Blythe completed a two-semester tummy time practicum with Melissa Larimer at Flora Massage and Wellness Services prior to undergoing instructor training from Michelle Emanuel, creator of the TummyTime! Method. 

For inquiry or to register for a TummyTime! Class, contact Blythe at

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