Volunteer Opportunity

Are you interested in trading yoga for your skill set? Ekah Yoga is looking for a driven individual to help us grow organically with your contribution. We need individuals who are truly passionate about the practice of yoga, who are interested in helping us with day to day studio operations, as well as offering your unique skill set.

Ways to volunteer:

clean studio 1-2 hours per week

contribute content for social media

physically pass out flyers

website development

create a yoga club (are you an IU Student looking to create a club)

For each hour you contribute to the studio you will receive 1 hour class.

To get started, we encourage our volunteers to first get to know the studio, our teachers, and our community. First create an account on MINDBODY, then we encourage you to  attend classes under our two week special. Once you have become familiar with the studio and what we have to offer you can send your request to our studio manager at info.ekahyoga@gmail.com  in order to volunteer.


“Hi I’m Quinndalyn and I started consistently practicing yoga about two years ago after undergoing ACL/MCL surgery. Yoga was the most effective form of physical therapy for me and allowed me to regain strength not only in my knee, but in other aspects of my life as well. I have struggled with anxiety since I was in middle school. But once I started practicing yoga and becoming more mindful about myself and my surroundings, my anxiety became much more manageable. Yoga has taught me to become in tune with my mind and body’s needs by simply slowing down, connecting with my breath, and taking the time to listen to myself. I have learned to take the lessons learned on my mat and extend them into my daily life, inviting the peace and clarity obtained during practice to extend throughout the rest of my day. Volunteering for Ekah Yoga has been an incredible experience, allowing me to continue to develop a personal practice while being exposed to a variety of yoga techniques. Come check out our wonderful studio and see what impact yoga can make on your life!”