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615 N. Fairview

(812) 320-4525

Ekah Yoga

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

Bloomington's Co-op Yoga StudioBloomington's Co-op Yoga StudioBloomington's Co-op Yoga Studio

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THERE'S SOMETHING SACRED ABOUT THE MOUNTAINS  No matter how long you've been practicing yoga, a cool lush mountain yoga retreat will jumpstart the reset button for you. Why the mountains? Crystal Olry, owner of Ekah Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana -- tells us: "I was born and raised in northern Indiana where the land is so flat you can see for miles and miles down the crop dusters' trail, and something about this has a grounding effect that has brought stability into my life." But .................

....there's something so innately peaceful about the mountains. To me,  they help me find time for re-patterning, and then expanding. It becomes very intuitive to draw strength from the mountains and find calm within when we stand firm in Tadasana, or step into strength in Virabradasana. And the lights from below illuminate our aura, lighten our hearts, as we feel a balance between grounding and expanding.  Dates: March 10-15th (5 day) or March 10-17th (7 day) with Sloth Sanctuary inclusion.