Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Crystal Olry

Crystal Olry

Crystal Olry


Founder of Ekah Yoga and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, her roots grow deep with yoga and nutrition.  It is hard to have one without the other while truly practicing a healthy lifestyle.  Crystal, believes that the divisions of culture, religion, philosophy, food pathways, and even differing yoga lineages sometimes pull people apart, yet their true functions are to bring people together.  The state of conflict doesn’t need to exist if we allow ourselves to be open to resolution and shift our energy to union instead of difference.  Our minds want to find peace as we remove the obstacles that separate us. It is Crystal’s mission to bring people together, by shifting this focus,  through the practice of yoga.

“Truth is one, and paths are many” –Sri Swamiji. 

Through diversity of practice and teachings from around the U.S. and Central America, Crystal brings the union of all her great teachers’ philosophies and principles to practice. All her teachings are in agreement with core kinesthetic and heartfelt foundations of humanity.

She has seen through her students that no yoga method applies for every person universally. 

Practitioners need to comprehend the real root of yoga and the function of their own physical body, breathe, and mind.  This knowledge can lead the student to experience their true Consciousness by understanding their true Inner Self.

Sarah Peters

Crystal Olry

Crystal Olry


Sarah (Skip) began practicing yoga in 2012 with a home practice. She enjoys the challenge of a hot class with the balance of asanas and pranayamas. Yoga has helped her keep her stress and anxiety in check. As her passion of yoga grew with each class she confesses she fostered a slight addiction to yoga. Her love for travel brought her to complete her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification from Yogalinda in Barcelona, Spain with certification in Hot Vinyasa Yoga in 2016. in 2016. Since then she had a wrist injury unrelated to yoga and underwent two surgeries. Yoga has given her the tools to rebuild strength and increase mobility mindfully with patience and awareness. She brings an understanding that every body is different and yoga can be adapted to fit an individuals specific needs.   She enjoys the creativity of Vinyasa flow and all the possibilities for personal expression. She hopes to cultivate a continual awareness of mind and body with each breath as it guides you throughout your own practice so you can live mindfully on and off the mat.

Mallory Rose

Mallory Rose

Mallory Rose

Mallory (RYT 200) found a regular yoga practice in 2011 as a way to stay more grounded, physically a

Mallory (RYT 200) found a regular yoga practice in 2011 as a way to stay more grounded, physically and mentally, after a serious rock climbing injury. She continues to use yoga as a form of movement to find balance in everyday life. Mallory enjoys both vigorous flows and mindful alignment. Her intention with any class is to create physical energy and mental calmness through intentional movement and breath. She earned her 200 hour teacher training certification under the study of Marsha Pappas, Nikki Meyers, and Dave Sims at CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health. When not practicing yoga you can find her exploring the aerial arts or buried in a pile of cats.

Marci Becker

Mallory Rose

Mallory Rose

Marci Becker fell in love with the practice of yoga through the Healing Spirit yoga studio in Bloomi

Marci Becker fell in love with the practice of yoga through the Healing Spirit yoga studio in Bloomington, Indiana. While living a hectic life with a full time job, family responsibilities, and many other activities, the sanctuary of the yoga studio became more and more important in her life. No matter what else was going on at any given time, going to yoga class always brought her back to a beautiful place within herself. She became fascinated with the rejuvenating and healing effects of the practice so she decided to study formally. She completed the 200-hour training program with Marsha Pappas and Nikki Myers at the CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis in the summer of 2010. The training program was everything she wanted and more and she is honored to now share her love of this sacred practice with others.  Marci has lived in Bloomington since 2004 and enjoys traveling, softball, volunteering, spending time with her two active young adults and wonderful husband...and practicing yoga, of course. To learn more  about Marci......go to

Professional Photographer Diane Miller


Private Photo Session

Schedule a private photo session to capture your retreat in a special way. 

Receive 5 professionally edited images.

$50 for 30 min session

$100 for 1 hour

Photo Journey

Through out the retreat, Diane will be capturing the groups yoga journey in the Costa Rican landscape. These photos will be compiled at the end of the trip. Group participants will receive 20 complimentary professional photos. 

Photos emailed for free

$5 for postage for hardcopy of CD (Paypal Diane Miller)