Crystal Olry

Instructor Bio

Founder of Ekah Yoga and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, her roots grow deep with yoga and nutrition.  It is hard to have one without the other while truly practicing a healthy lifestyle.  Crystal, believes that the divisions of culture, religion, philosophy, food pathways, and even differing yoga lineages sometimes pull people apart, yet their true functions are to bring people together.  The state of conflict doesn’t need to exist if we allow ourselves to be open to resolution and shift our energy to union instead of difference.  Our minds want to find peace as we remove the obstacles that separate us. It is Crystal’s mission to bring people together, by shifting this focus,  through the practice of yoga.

“Truth is one, and paths are many” –Sri Swamiji. 

Through diversity of practice and teachings from around the U.S. and Central America, Crystal brings the union of all her great teachers’ philosophies and principles to practice. All her teachings are in agreement with core kinesthetic and heartfelt foundations of humanity.

She has seen through her students that no yoga method applies for every person universally. Practitioners need to comprehend the real root of yoga and the function of their own physical body, breathe, and mind.  This knowledge can lead the student to experience their true Consciousness by understanding their true Inner Self.