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Workshop: Foundational Poses of Yoga. Sat Jan 13. 2-5p

Join Yoga Instructor Marci Becker in this workshop for beginners and seasoned yogis. She will show you some of the most popular poses practiced in yoga classes and will break down the alignment cues to make sure you are entering them mindfully and safely. Deepen your awareness and understanding in this workshop. 

Workshop: Crystal Bowl Therapy. Sun Jan 14. 2:30-3:30p

Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy using Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years for spiritual, meditative and healing purposes. These special instruments are now starting to become recognized within scientific circles.  Philip will play a whole set of 13 crystal singing bowls with each bowl being tuned to the frequency of each chakra, each of the major glands, and the aura, to bring your system into balance by covering the whole octave. Crystal charged water from inside the bowls will be served at the end to deepen the healing effects. 

$5 Community Class for WFHB Warm & Peaceful ...................... Sun Jan 14. 4-5pm


This class is an all levels yoga class. Feel good about practicing for a good cause while you support a local non-profit organization.  We will be accepting cash donations toward the non-profit of the month.  We are also open to suggestions for future donation yoga classes, toward the non-profit of our choice.  Please talk to Sarah Peters directly or e-mail Crystal:

Tea & Talk. Sun Jan 14. 7-8p

FREE EVENT. Tea + Talk is next Sunday, 1/14 @ 7:00pm at Ekah Yoga. We will be discussing yoga and the brain + hormones! Our article is listed below:

Hope you can make it! I'll have tea and a bunch of candy canes.


Workshop: Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing. Sun Jan 28. 5:30-7p

 I invite you to join me for a cozy, healing Sunday evening yoga class with hands on energy work, essential oils and crystal bowl sound healing. A perfect way to ground and restore!
Essential Oils are nature's oldest form of medicine. They are potent healing agents for emotional, spiritual and physical health. I'll use oils throughout the class to expand the restorative benefits of your yoga practice and relaxation.

We'll practice 55 minutes of restorative yoga with gentle touch aromatherpy, ending with 20 minutes of sonic crystal bowl sound therapy.

$15 Self Investment

Workshop: Inversions Skills & Drills. Sun Feb 4. 2:30-3:30p

Join Mallory Rose and Sarah Peters for this special workshop designed to improve or start your inversion practice. We will be waking up the muscles needed to invert yourself with a Vinyasa flow, followed by drills you can practice at the wall and with a partner.

Please note that if this is your first time playing with inversions you might not walk away doing a full inversion the first time. This workshop is geared to give you the knowledge and techniques to continue your journey in order to invert yourself safely. Come ready to play, fall, sweat and flip your perspective.

Workshop is scheduled to end at 4:30pm but if you are able plan to stick around for another half hour to play with what you've learned.

Workshop: Double Gong Bath. First Sunday's. Jan 7. 5:30-6:30p

First Sunday's of the month. Vibrational healing has been used throughout the ages in many ancient healing traditions throughout the world and is now beginning to be recognized in scientific circles. The vibrations of the healing gong can deepen the effect of meditation and help to expand awareness. According to yogic science, the gong is the vibrational sound of creation. The gong, can help to eliminates diseased cells, and it can help to re-pattern the gray matter of the brain. The frequency can help to balance the meridians, the parasympathetic nervous system, and chakras to create a very deep relaxation response. The sound from the gong has the ability to release tension and the torrent of thoughts that block healing.

Mervin Alphonse will play a 34” Wuhan gong and Philip Clampitt will play a 32" Paiste Symphonic gong in the cozy studio, generating robust vibrations that cascade into the body like a waterfall, creating a very unique healing experience. The class will start with gentle yoga, followed by the gong experience, and finish with a Kundalini Yoga meditation.

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Vacations are meant to restore

THERE’S SOMETHING SACRED ABOUT THE MOUNTAINS  No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, a cool lush mountain yoga retreat will jumpstart the reset button for you. Why the mountains? Crystal Olry, owner of Ekah Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana — tells us: “I was born and raised in northern Indiana where the land is so flat you can see for miles and miles down the crop dusters’ trail, and something about this has a grounding effect that has brought stability into my life.” But there’s something so innately peaceful about the mountains. To me they help me find time for re-patterning, and then expanding. It becomes very intuitive to draw strength from the mountains and find calm within when we stand firm in Tadasana, or step into strength in Virabradasana. And the lights from below illuminate our aura, lighten our hearts, as we feel a balance between grounding and expanding.  Dates: March 10-15th (5 day) or March 10-17th (7 day) with Sloth Sanctuary inclusion.