Our Studio

The Ekah Yoga community space is built on foundations  of clean, green, efficient and conscious design to create a calm and healthy environment for your practice.   Our clients have told us that our space has a feeling of intimacy, comfort, and cleanliness.  We strive to provide a space that is simple and inviting, in a non-intimidation kind of way.

Community Projects

We value community!  We strive to enrich the yoga experience by offering community building projects that give back.  

About us


Many Paths, One Truth

Ekah Yoga was created to honor holistic teachers, their gifts, and to bring them together to offer unique yoga and travel experiences.  Ekah, Sanskrit for one,  celebrates union.  We are all connected at a cellular energetic level, and it is the mission of Ekah Yoga to help individuals find  this energetic bonds within themselves and within each other.  With regular yoga practice and meditation, your true energies will become more clear.  It is my vision, as leader of Ekah Yoga to bring teachers and students together to share yoga in a fair and loving way.  I have found need in this community to create a safe place for teachers and students to teach, love, and practice yoga.  This space is intended for teachers to feel respected, be encouraged to grow, earn their worth,  and are encouraged to participate Ekah Yoga’s evolution.   We need to lift each other up, so we can reach higher plains of consciousness together as one.  It is my pleasure to work with this group of exceptional teachers and share them with you!  

Much gratitude,  Crystal Olry Founder, Ekah Yoga


our community


Our Values

  • Community Building
  • Affordable Yoga Practice
  • Eco-Friendly Sustainability
  • Safe Sacred Space


FREE Community Events

We offer community activites that bring people together and give back.  The picture here shows a herb mandala our members worked on April 22, 2017 in celeration of Earth Day. 


Yoga Is...

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Mindful
  • For Everyone

Ekah offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, and private sessions. We believe in offering traditional, as well as unique, styles of yoga for our diverse, growing community.