Nicole Stewart

Instructor Bio

Nicole, who has been practicing yoga on and off for about 10 years, recently became a 200hr RYT through Nourishing Heart Yoga, graduating September 2019. As a recovering addict and presently living with mental health issues, Yoga has is her most valuable tool, her mat a safe haven. Wanting to continually grow, and craving a deeper connection to herself and Spirit, Nicole leans heavily on her daily practice and wishes nothing more than to share the gift of yoga with others. With a background in gymnastics, asana practice is fun, exhilarating and anxiety relieving. Though breath work, meditation and restorative postures have been incredibly healing. She thoroughly enjoys how expansive and dynamic yoga is. Embracing its Eastern roots and utilizing its structure as a way of creative self expression. Looking forward to beginning her 300Hr training with NHY in 2020 to continue her knowledge of the history and practice of yoga so she can share more with you.