Special Event: Yoga of Voice. Saturday February 22 at 1:30-5:30pm


The Authentic Voicework Intensive is a life-changing process of discovery of the voice through releasing tension and revealing the true poetic nature of your authentic self. A powerful afternoon for those looking to overcome hurdles around the voice and singing. Life experience can cause us to inhibit our voice, our power, and willingness to share our true gifts with the world. This is an opportunity to free that part of you and open up to the joy of singing with the authentic voice of power!

For beginners and seasoned professionals alike, this “Yoga of the Voice” will teach singing technique basics, postural alignment for freeing the breath and the voice, and explores archetypal themes of inhibition and freedom that play a tug-of-war between the body & mind. Students will experiment with fun singing games, explore singing from one’s inner depths, and learn to listen to one’s own intuitive creativity that guides us. Get ready to move outmoded ways of thinking and feeling, and let the voice be heard! Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat or towel, and a journal to mark your progress. Intend for miracles!

Participants will: 
* learn vocal warm-up techniques 
* identify the anatomy of the voice 
* explore release techniques for finding freedom in the body, breath, voice, creativity 
* explore exercises that reveal new creative expressions through the voice.

Special Class Offering: Donation Vinyasa Class. Sunday March 1 at 5:30-7pm




Join Sarah for this hour and half long special donation class. We will be focusing on the core and all it's stability in moving vinyasa flows. We will cool down with longer restorative holds to dive deep into meditation.

In May 2020 Sarah will be going to SF for 100 hour Module: Building Integrity & Stability with Jason Crandell. She needs your help! All donations for this special workshop will go towards her two week training, covering travel cost, food and time away. These donations come full circle as she learns and brings back more inspiration and knowledge for classes, workshops, and events for our community.

Not able to make it to the class but want to make a contribution. Email skipyogi@gmail.com

Find out more about her training here.

Special Class Offering: Handstand Lab. Sunday March 8 at 6pm


Hand-balancing is a delicate integration of body, mind, & breath...and more accessible than you think!

This first portion of class is designed to guide you through specific exercises to address physical limitations including strength & flexibility. The second portion will help navigate the mental limitations including trust & upside-down proprioception.

We will have time for yogi-driven practice with spotting, partner work, and props to give you the courage and opportunity to safely explore on your hands...anywhere from crow to one-arm handstands!

This is a class and included with your unlimited monthly or class passes
Led by Mallory

Special Event: Yomassage™ Saturday March 14 at 3:15-4:45pm


A fusion of relaxing and supportive positions enhanced through touch and mindfulness. Clients hold gentle, supported stretches for about 10 minutes while Beth, a licensed massage therapist, massages various muscles groups, allowing for a head to toe massage in a single class.

With Yomassage™, clients can receive therapeutic touch in a group environment, fully clothed, while relaxing in restorative positions and practicing mindfulness. Offering massage in a small group setting allows massage at a more accessible price, and creates a safe and welcoming environment.

When arriving to your first Yomassage™ class it is recommended to wear comfortable yoga like clothing and wear layers. Please bring a water bottle for yourself.
When you arrive the space will be fully set up and when the session is over you can just float out.

Minimum of 4 students, Max of 5. If not enough people are signed up Beth will cancel with 24 hour notice. Please sign up in advance to reserve a spot. A 48 hour cancellation is required for a refund for the Yomassage classes.

Special Event: Yoga in the Taproom. Sunday March 15 at 10am


Cheers to yoga & great beers! Join Quinndalyn for an All Levels Yoga class at the new Switchyard Brewing Company. Get your body moving and recharged with this morning yoga flow. Balance your body and mind through sun salutations, balancing postures, warrior poses, and a healing savasana - meditation. Class includes a complimentary beverage: mimosa, beermosa or a pint of any of Switchyard's house beers.

Please bring your mat and your body! Event is 21+ 
$15 class and beverage included

Switchyard Brewing Company 
419 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404

Special Offering: Restorative Chakra Attunement. Sunday March 15 at 5:30-7pm


Turn inward toward our Higher Self and tune into the subtle body with this Restorative Chakra Attunement! This very special and intentional practice focuses on healing and aligning the body’s energy centers, or Chakras. The framework includes 7 restorative yoga postures, 7 essential oils, 7 Tibetan singing bowls, and 7 crystals—all corresponding to the 7 Chakras. These gracious healing tools will assist us on our journey through our energy centers, allowing for the release of stagnant energy and the creation of space—ultimately giving us the opportunity to align to a higher vibrational frequency! An informative Chakra handout will be provided for participants.

Sacred space is limited to 8, and the energy exchange is $30 per participant. Reserve your Restorative Chakra Attunement experience at ekahyoga.com.

Offered by Jesi Joy.

Special Event: Grow: A Vernal Equinox Workshop. Sunday March 22 at 5:30-7pm


As we move through the wheel of the year, nature’s energy changes and our energy changes. This workshop is intended to help you understand the basic principles of this seasonal shift and how this vernal prana can be part of your daily routine and yoga practice. Our evening together will provide you with tools for your mind (journaling), body (yogasana), and soul (meditation) as the days continue to lengthen between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice.

You will be receive a wheel of the year journal, seasonal crystal, seeds, and an essential oil roller.

Investment $25 
Led by Mallory

Special Community Event: Ekah Earth Day Gardening Prep. Wednesday March 25 at 5-6pm


The light from the sun into the leaves of a plant, into the cells of our bodies, creates life. Our community at Ekah Yoga plans to bring plant life in the form of herbs and edible vegetables, to eat, to share, to spring forth educational opportunities. Please join us for a Gardening Prep day to help weed, and clean up the our mandala inspired herb garden in preparation for Earth Day. 
All who garden or bring an herb to plant will receive a free 1 hour class pass for helping our community grow! Wear clothes you can get dirty. We will provide gardening tools and gloves but bring extra if you have them.

Mark your calendar for Earth Day Potluck & Gardening on April 22.

Special Event: Yoga & Massage with Lineage Hemp CBD. Sunday April 19 at 5:30-7pm


Deeply relax with a gentle restorative yoga practice and enjoy the added elements of self massage, hands on massage techniques, adjustments and Lineage Hemp CBD. Assist your body and mind to slow down, unwind and release. This practice will begin with fresh brewed relaxing tea to help warm your body and prepare for relaxation. Lineage Hemp is a local regenerative agriculture company growing locally here in Indiana. Their CBD formulas are designed with natural human vitality and health at their focus. CBD Pain cream will be offered during the workshop. Their formula is crafted to relieve pain in stiff, overexerted joints and muscles. It is quickly absorbed by receptors to quiet inflammation at its source and promote healthy muscular recovery. Find more information at lineagehemp.com

Class is limited to 8 people. Please register in advance to save your spot.

This workshop will be led by Yoga Instructor, Sarah and Massage Therapist, Bryce.

Special Class Offering: Tuck You Yin. Friday May 1 at 7-9pm


This form of Taoist yoga is a slow, relaxed practice holding simple floor postures for three to five minutes at a time with muscles relaxed. It is the ideal complement for more dynamic or “Yang” forms of yoga that emphasize muscles and movement. This style of practice is not only therapeutic for the body, it also allows for a calming of the mind and spirit, and a balancing of the energetic system. It is a perfect end to a day, putting the practitioner in just the right place to crawl slowly home and sleep soundly.

Instructor Matt Eshleman

Tuck You Yin $25

Saturday only $140

Sunday only $140

Sunday morning Yin $15

Whole weekend $225

Special Class Offering: CEU: Yin Yoga & Functional Anatomy. Saturday May 2 at 9am-8pm


9-10am: Intro to Taoist Yoga Class

What is Taoist Yoga? Yin Yoga is one half of a Taoist Yoga practice. Based on Eastern systems of medicine and energy work, this class is the ideal blend of yin and yang, sure to inspire and balance any practice. Yang refers to strong dynamic and fluid movement sequences to challenge the muscular tissues of the body, mobilizing the energy and lifting the spirit. Taoist yoga practice will also include passive, relaxed Yin floor poses for deep tissue stretching, and time for relaxation and meditation. Expect a radically different perspective and practice.

1:30-3:30p: A Functional Intro to Skeletal Anatomy
Intros and brief overview of the full weekend
Functional and Aesthetic approaches
Functional levels of analysis
Basic skeletal anatomy
Segments and Movements
Empower your practice from the inside out. Rather than a focus on a universal, aesthetic alignment, a functional approach focuses on what we feel in the posture. What are we exercising and why? Individual alignment may be as unique as your fingerprint, this is due to your uniquely shaped joints and skeleton. Learn the bones basics and their movements with ease. Simplify 208 Bones to 14 Skeletal Segments. This workshop will enhance body awareness in your asana practice, and broaden the scope of teaching postures and variations. A great study for serious practitioners to take a deeper look, and necessary for yoga teachers of any style.

4:00-8:00pm: Bare Bones
Assessing limitations in movement
Skeletal variation
Hands-on Range-of-Motion testing
Functional analysis of postures
Through hands-on testing we will learn to assess yoga postures, exploring the impact of natural differences in our bones. Within our workshop group we will see an incredible variation of participants’ skeletons and experiences of yoga postures. Understand the way the body moves through yoga postures by developing your X-ray vision to see the body as skeletal segments.

Topics Include:
know your bones and how they move
approaching unique alignment for different bodies
hands-on testing to feel different bones and implications for yoga postures

Total workshop is 15.5 hours, all hours are YA CEU-worthy for those interested.

$225 for the whole weekend

Special Class Offering: Yin Yoga. Sunday May 3 at 9-10am


Why does Yin Yoga feel so good and so different from other styles of yoga? It’s all about fascia! Learn the art of letting go; all about fascia, its unique properties, and how to safely target and stretch it.

Please note workshops are priced separately (unless stated otherwise). Some we offer for free. Workshops & special events are not included in unlimited monthly membership or class passes. 

Want to host a workshop at Ekah Yoga?

Email completed form to info.ekahyoga@gmail.com

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